Yes ‎– “YesSpeak”

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Disc One – Chapter Selection
1 Sacred Ground
2 Full Circle
3 There’s Always Been A Yes
4 Spotlight On Chris
5 Spotlight On Jon
Disc Two – Chapter Selection
1 Spotlight On Steve
2 Spotlight On Alan
3 Spotlight On Rick
4 On The Road
5 Yes Music
Disc Two – Live Audio Set
1 Siberian Khatru
2 Magnification
3 Don’t Kill The Whale
In The Presence Of:
4.I Deeper
4.II Death Of Ego
4.III True Beginner
4.IV Turn Around And Remember
5 We Have Heaven
6 South Side Of The Sky
7 And You And I
8 To Be Over/Clap
9 Show Me
Rick Wakeman Solo:
10.I Intro To Catherine Of Aragon
10.II Celtic Jig
10.III Jane Seymour
11 Heart Of The Sunrise
12 Long Distance Runaround
13 The Fish
14 Awaken
I’ve Seen All Good People:
15.I Your Move
15.II All Good People
16 Roundabout