XENERIS – „Eternal Rising“

26.00 лв.




  1. Barbarossa
  2. Before The River Of Fire
  3. Eternal Rising
  4. Pandora’s Box
  5. A New Beginning
  6. To The Endless Sea
  7. Shahrazad
  8. Scilla And Cariddi
  9. Burning Within
  10. The Glorious Fight
  11. Equinox

 Formed in December 2022, after the disbandment of Kalidia (one of the hottest italian power metal band with over 7 million streams and 5 million youtube views), Xeneris is the brainchild of Federico Paolini (Co-founder, composer, and guitarist of Kalidia) and Roberto Donati (Bassist of Kalidia). Coupled with the jaw-dropping vocals of Maryan and the rhythmic genius of Stefano Livieri, they create an unstoppable team! Xeneris manage to honor the Heritage of Kalidia expanding the musical spectrum fusing power metal, symphonic metal, and progressive metal into an electrifying concoction of irresistible melodies, powerful riffs, and grand arrangements. Lyrically the band explore myths, real-life and fantasy legends, and introspection from human experiences. Songs like Eternal Rising or Barbarossa will make every power metal freak’s heart beat faster with excitment. Don’t miss out on the epic journey of Xeneris!

Band Members:
Maryan (Vocals)
Federico Paolini (Guitars)
Roberto Donati (Bass)
Stefano Livieri (Drums)