VARIOUS – FREEWAT JAM – „To Beck And Back – A Tribute To Jeff Beck“

25.00 лв.


1. Freeway Jam – Steve Morse/Various Artists
2. Over Under Sideways Down – John Scofield/Various Artists
3. Beck’s Bolero – Eric Johnson/Various Artists
4. Led Boots – Adam Rogers/Various Artists
5. El Becko – Jeff Richman/Various Artists
6. Diamond Dust – Mike Stern/Various Artists
7. Pump – Warren Haynes/Various Artists
8. Behind the Veil – Chris Duarte/Various Artists
9. Blue Wind – Greg Howe/Various Artists
10. Brush With the Blues – Walter Trout/Various Artists

An all-star cast of jazz, blues, and fusion guitarists gives Jeff Beck’s catalog a whirl in this hourlong instrumental tribute to one of the U.K.’s finest six-stringers. The back line of drummers Simon Phillips and Vinnie Colaiuta, bassist Stu Hamm, keyboardist Mitchel Forman, and rhythm guitarist/producer Jeff Richman