Turbulence – “Binary Dream”

26.00 лв.


Tracklist :
1. Static Mind
2. Theta
3. Time Bridge (Instrumental)
4. Manifestations (Instrumental)
5. Ternary
6. Binary Dream
7. Hybrid
8. Corrosion
9. Deerosion (Instrumental)

The band states: “Binary Dream is a narrative wrapped in layers of groovy, technical progressive metal, with nods to Djent and jazz fusion. It’s an exploration, a questioning, and an awakening. Dive into the journey of 8b+1, a robot at the centre of an experiment called Binary Dreaming. Across nine tracks, we’re taken through a meticulously crafted story of consciousness awakening. From ‘Static Mind’ to ‘Ternary’, each piece is a blend of technical skill and emotive storytelling, reflecting the band’s growth and ambition”.
Since its inception in 2013 by the brilliant composers Alain Ibrahim (guitar) and Mood Yassin (keyboard), Turbulence has become synonymous with a dynamic and innovative musical experience. The band’s evolution now includes the exceptional talents of Omar El Hage on vocals and Anthony Atoui on bass, adding further depth to their already remarkable lineup.
As Turbulence stands on the brink of a new era in their musical journey, “Binary Dream” promises to be a revolutionary addition to their discography. Following the success of their sophomore release, “Frontal,” the band continues to showcase their ability to weave intricate musical narratives, merging modern sounds with progressive elements. The musical journey of Turbulence began with a serendipitous collaboration between Alain Ibrahim and Mood Yassin, resulting in a fusion of prog-loving influences that creates a sound that is both technically proficient and emotionally resonant. Turbulence’s mission has always been to bring their unique style of progressive music from the Middle East to a global audience.
As the release of “Binary Dream” approaches, fans can expect another emotional and sonic roller coaster from Turbulence. The album is poised to feature a diverse range of musical elements, from intricate rhythms and polyrhythms to ambient soundscapes, highlighting the band’s growth and versatility.
With their sights set on the future and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, Turbulence continues to be a stunning revelation for prog metal enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for the release of “Binary Dream” in Spring 2024, as Turbulence leaves an indelible mark on the global progressive music scene.