Triumph – „Greatest Hits Remixed“ (CD)

29.00 лв.



CD-1 Allied Forces 5:08
CD-2 Lay It On The Line 4:06
CD-3 Follow Your Heart 3:40
CD-4 Magic Power 4:51
CD-5 I Live For The Weekend 5:16
CD-6 Hold On 6:06
CD-7 Just One Night 3:35
CD-8 Fight The Good Fight 6:22
CD-9 Spellbound 5:10
CD-10 Never Surrender 6:45
CD-11 When The Lights Go Down 5:02
CD-12 Somebody’s Out There 3:58
CD-13 Rock & Roll Machine 6:59
CD-14 Love Hurts 4:27
DVD-1 Follow Your Heart
DVD-2 Lay It On The Line
DVD-3 Spellbound
DVD-4 Magic Power
DVD-5 Lights Go Down
DVD-6 Hold On
DVD-7 Just One Night
DVD-8 Somebody’s Out There
DVD-9 Allied Forces
DVD-10 Never Surrender
DVD-11 Never Say Never
Bonus Videos
DVD-12 Child Of The City
DVD-13 Blinding Light Show*
DVD-14 Love Hurts