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1. We’re Gonna Make It
2. Not Feeling Anything
3. Fair Warning
4. It’s Electric
5. Where You Belong
6. Can’t Breathe Anymore
7. Get Ready For Some Hard Rock
8. People, Come Together
9. Tears In My Eyes
10. 17th Of May
11. Catch A Wave
12. Sunshine

With the release of TNT’s long awaited new record „XIII“, the band is back on the throne of Nordic Melodic Hard Rock making a very strong musical statement and presenting the new singer, an extraordinary find from Spain, Baol Bardot Bulsara. The music is hard edged but still extremely melodic and offers the mix the fans have been waiting for, with unforgettable melodies and balls to the wall riffs. This is a true return to form!
TNT was formed in Norway back in 1982, and the band released its eponymous debut album the following year. After some changes in the line up the classic „Knights Of The New Thunder“ were released in the fall of 1984, by a band now consisting of extremely talented guitar player Ronni Le Tekrø, drummer Diesel Dahl, American singer Tony Harnell, and bass player Morty Black.
Throughout the eighties the band released the melodic hard rock gems „Tell No Tales“ and „Intuition“, while building a fan base in Europe, America, and especially in Japan where „Intuition“ became a hit. In the early nineties the band broke up, but TNT returned with a couple of more alternative hard rock albums later in the decade, before disappearing again. At the turn of the millennium TNT slowly began to rise once more, and came back with full force when „My Religion“ was released to rave reviews in 2004.
The band then started to fall apart, and as bass players changed at a rapid pace, singer Harnell left the band in 2006 to be replaced by Tony Mills. Diesel Dahl and Ronni Le Tekrö were by now the core of TNT, and in Victor Borge (ex Jack In The Box, Autopulver) they found a permanent bass player. When Tony Mills entered the scene TNT was finally a complete unit again, and released „The New Territory“ in 2007, “Atlantis” in 2008 and “A Farewell To Arms” in 2010.
On October 17, 2013 singer Tony Harnell confirmed that he had rejoined TNT. The band announced several dates in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Japan from January through to August 2014 and these shows would be the first with Harnell since 2006. However on October 11, 2017 TNT issued a press release confirming that Tony Harnell had once again parted ways with the band. The press release also stated that TNT would continue with a new vocalist: Baol Bardot Bulsara, who debuted at their opening act gig for Scorpions at Oslo Spektrum on November 22, 2017.

Baol Bardot Bulsara – Vocals
Ronni Le Tekro – Guitars
Diesel Dahl – Drums