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  1. Hey Life
  2. Go Big Or Go Home
  3. 19 Summertime
  4. What Are We Waiting For
  5. Miracle
  6. Against The Grain
  7. So Good
  8. Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
  9. Another Time, Another Place
  10. The Night To Remember
  11. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me No

The Defiants have announced their return with a new album, their third overall, “Drive”! Formed by Paul Laine, Bruno Ravel, and Rob Marcello, who are all current or former members of popular hard rockers Danger Danger, The Defiants latest opus is yet another impeccable slice of melodic hard rock.  Best known for being the D2 vocalist on four studio albums over the course of 12 years, Paul Laine came back to work with his former bandmates Bruno Ravel and Rob Marcello, who are the other two pillars of The DEFIANTS, for the band’s self-titled debut album in 2015. The guys reunited at the suggestion of Frontiers’ President & Head of A&R, Serafino Perugino, who really wanted these current and former Danger Danger members to offer fans of that band some new music. The resulting album was pleasing not only to the D2 fans, but also to ALL the fans out there who are into the classic sound of the era from which D2 emerged. The Defiants debut album was greeted with a great acclaim as a glorious return to the “in your face” melodic hard rock that enraptured millions of fans back in the ’80s and ’90s and is currently enjoying a renaissance here in the 21st century, so a follow-up album was a no-brainer. That second album, “Zokusho”, a Japanese word meaning “the sequel” or “the next chapter”, was released to critical acclaim in 2019. As a special treat on that album, Danger Danger drummer Steve West was a special guest on drums. Needless to say, “Zokusho” had all the ingredients to thrill both D2 and The Defiants fans. A BIG melodic rock album with big choruses, hooks and soaring guitars and vocals.


Bruno Ravel: Bass

Paul Laine: Vocals, Guitar

Rob Marcello: Guitar

Van Romaine: Drums