STARBREAKER – “Dysphoria”

25.00 лв.



1. Pure Evil
2. Wild Butterflies
3. Last December
4. How Many More Goodbyes
5. Beautiful One
6. Dysphoria
7. My Heart Belong To You
8. Fire Away
9. Bright Star Blind Me
10. Starbreaker

Former TNT frontman, Tony Harnell, is teaming up with Primal Fear and Allen/Lande prolific guitarist Magnus Karlsson again for the release of the much anticipated third Starbreaker album. Starbreaker started as Harnell’s side project while he was still in TNT. He was initially working on a solo record, but with guitarist Magnus Karlsson, former TNT drummer John Macaluso, and bassist Fabrizio Grossi, they formed Starbreaker. The band recorded its first self-titled studio album in 2005, and it was released on July 13th in the same year.
In late 2007, with Starbreaker as his main musical project, he flew to Sweden to write the bulk of the songs for the new album with Karlsson, and started recording the new songs at the end of the year. The second album was entitled „Love’s Dying Wish“, and was released on August 1st, 2008. The album featured new bassist Jonni Lightfoot, who replaced Grossi, and was produced by Harnell and Karlsson, with producer Tommy Hansen (TNT, Pretty Maids, Helloween) as the mixer.Following Harnell’s departure from TNT in the second half of 2017, he finally started working again with Karlsson to record the long awaited new album. The long wait does not disappoint. Offering an exclectic mixture of Melodic and aggressive Metal, including also a Judas Priest cover of the classic song “Starbreaker,” Harnell and Karlsson offer what is probably their most mature, varied and exciting release to date.

Tony Harnell – vocals
Magnus Karlsson – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Jonni Lightfoot – bass
Anders Köllerfors – drums