Sonata Arctica – “For The Sake Of Revenge”

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DVD-1 Prelude For Reckoning
DVD-2 Misplaced
DVD-3 Blinded No More
DVD-4 FullMoon, Exctact From “White Pearl, Black Oceans”
DVD-5 Victoria’s Secret
DVD-6 Broken
DVD-7 8th Commandment
DVD-8 Shamandalie
DVD-9 Kingdom For A Heart
DVD-10 Replica
DVD-11 My Land
DVD-12 Black Sheep
DVD-13 Sing In Silence
DVD-14 The End Of This Keyboard / Sing Along
DVD-15 San Sebastian
DVD-16 Gravenimage
DVD-17 Don`t Say A Word
DVD-18 The Cage
DVD-19 “Vodka/Hana Nagila” – Sing A Long
DVD-20 Outro “Draw Me”
CD-1 Prelude For Reckoning
CD-2 Misplaced
CD-3 Blinded No More
CD-4 FullMoon, Exctact From “White Pearl, Black Oceans”
CD-5 Victoria’s Secret
CD-6 Broken
CD-7 8th Commandment
CD-8 Shamandalie
CD-9 Kingdom For A Heart
CD-10 Replica
CD-11 My Land
CD-12 Black Sheep
CD-13 Gravenimage
CD-14 Don’t Say A Word
CD-15 The Cage / “Vodka/Hana Nagila” – Sing A Long