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Soundgarden ‎– „Ultramega OK“ (2LP)

RivaSound » Soundgarden ‎– „Ultramega OK“ (2LP)


Soundgarden ‎– „Ultramega OK“ (2LP)


Описание на продукта:


Ultramega OK
A1 Flower
A2 All Your Lies
A3 665
A4 Beyond The Wheel
A5 667
A6 Mood For Trouble
A7 Circle Of Power
B1 He Didn’t
B2 Smokestack Lightning
B3 Nazi Driver
B4 Head Injury
B5 Incessant Mace
B6 One Minute Of Silence
Ultramega EP
C1 Head Injury
C2 Beyond The Wheel
C3 Incessant Mace
D1 He Didn’t
D2 All Your Lies
D3 Incessant Mace V2

„This remixed and expanded reissue of Soundgarden’s Ultramega OK is a long-planned “correction” of the legendary band’s Grammy®-nominated debut full-length. The album was originally recorded and released in 1988 on SST Records

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