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VANDEN PLAS “The Seraphic Liveworks”

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VANDEN PLAS “The Seraphic Liveworks”



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CD – Postcard To God; Rush Of Silence; Holes In The Sky; Far Off Grace; Scar Of An Angel; Quicksilver; Cold Wind; Frequency; Silently.
DVD – Postcard To God; Rush Of Silence; Holes In The Sky; Far Off Grace; Scar Of An Angel; Quicksilver; Cold Wind; Frequency; Silently

In their long career, Vanden Plas has until now produced only one live album: „Spirit of Live,“ recorded in Paris at the legendary Elysée Montmartre, was released in 2000. With the upcoming release of „The Seraphic Liveworks,“ the wait for another live long-player is finally over.
On many tours and in countless concerts, Vanden Plas has proven again and again that it is among the world’s leading Prog-Metal bands. The quintet’s glowing reputation carries across the pond to the USA, where Vanden Plas was invited to appear at the renowned Prog Power Festival in Atlanta in 2011. Regardless of a band’s fame, an invitation to this prestigious venue is an honor, and their performance will certainly retain an exceptional place in the Vanden Plas history.
It is for exactly that reason that Vanden Plas decided to record that unique moment.
„The Seraphic Liveworks“ is the name of the CD and DVD limited edition double pack. It shows unmistakably how extraordinary this gig at Center Stage Theater was for everyone involved. A performance exploding with energy, a euphoric audience, and the venue’s own special flair; the recordings will captivate every viewer. There is no question that Vanden Plas made the right decision to preserve this performance for eternity.
„The Seraphic Liveworks“ fascinates for 9 songs, beginning with the straightforward opener „Postcard to God“ through the atmospheric „Far Off Grace“ to the brilliant closer „Silently.“ In this extended live version of the song, Vanden Plas ignites a Prog-Metal-Fireworks-Display that is unparalleled, leading the listener through more than 11 magnificent minutes to a spectacular conclusion.
Vanden Plas is delighted to have fans all over the world. Those who have not yet been able to experience the band live now have the chance to close the gap with „The Seraphic Liveworks.“ The CD and DVD capture an authentic band that stands out in the Prog-Metal genre.
Stephan Lill – Guitar
Andreas Lill – Drums
Günter Werno – Keyboards
Andy Kuntz – Vocals
Torsten Reichert – Bass

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