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Level 42 ‎– „Sirens Tour Live“

RivaSound » Level 42 ‎– „Sirens Tour Live“

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Level 42 ‎– „Sirens Tour Live“



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Описание на продукта:

CD1-1 Intro Sirens Tour Live
CD1-2 Heaven In My Hands
CD1-3 Where’s Yo’ Head At?
CD1-4 Are You Hearing…?
CD1-5 Running In The Family
CD1-6 Mind On You
CD1-7 Kansas City Milkman
CD1-8 My Independence Day
CD1-9 Leaving Me Now
CD1-10 Tracie
CD2-1 The Sun Goes Down
CD2-2 Sirens
CD2-3 Starchild
CD2-4 Something About You
CD2-5 Lessons In Love
CD2-6 Build Myself A Rocket
CD2-7 Hot Water
CD2-8 Love Games
CD2-9 The Chinese Way
DVD-1 Intro Sirens Tour Live
DVD-2 Heaven In My Hands
DVD-3 Where’s Yo’ Head At?
DVD-4 Are You Hearing…?
DVD-5 Running In The Family
DVD-6 Mind On You
DVD-7 Kansas City Milkman
DVD-8 My Independence Day
DVD-9 Leaving Me Now
DVD-10 Tracie
DVD-11 The Sun Goes Down
DVD-12 Sirens
DVD-13 Starchild
DVD-14 Something About You
DVD-15 Lessons In Love
DVD-16 Build Myself A Rocket
DVD-17 Hot Water
DVD-18 Love Games
DVD-19 The Chinese Way

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