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Eddie Money – „Ready Eddie/Shakin’ With the M“

RivaSound » Eddie Money – „Ready Eddie/Shakin’ With the M“


Eddie Money – „Ready Eddie/Shakin’ With the M“


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Описание на продукта:

1. Ready to rock
2. Don t say no tonight
3. So cold tonight
4. Let it go
5. Turn the light off
6. It s gotta be love
7. Can t go on
8. Nobody knows
9. When you gonna satisfy me
10. Need a little rock
11. Broken down chev< (God only knows) 12. Something to Believe In 13. If we ever get out of this pla ce 14. Can you fall in love again 15. Everybody loves christmas 16. Two Tickets to Paradise 17. Wanna go back 18. She takes my breathe away 19. Where`s the party 20. Gimme some water 21. Wanna be a rock & roll star 22. Everybody Rock & Roll the plac e 23. Baby hold on 24. Take me home tonight 25. Shakin

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