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Candlemass ‎– „Essential Doom“

RivaSound » Candlemass ‎– „Essential Doom“


Candlemass ‎– „Essential Doom“


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Описание на продукта:

CD-1 Solitude 5:37
CD-2 Crystal Ball 5:21
CD-3 A Sorcerer’s Pledge 8:13
CD-4 Gothic Stone 0:46
CD-5 The Well Of Souls 7:27
CD-6 Bewitched 6:37
CD-7 At The Gallows End 5:46
CD-8 Samarithan 5:27
CD-9 Mirror Mirror 6:16
CD-10 Ancient Dreams 7:03
CD-11 The Prophecy 1:27
CD-12 Dark Reflections 5:07
CD-13 Into The Unfathomed Tower 3:03
CD-14 Witches (Demo 2003) 6:37
DVD-1 The Well Of Souls 9:59
DVD-2 Dark Are The Veils Of Death 4:22
DVD-3 Mirror Mirror 5:37
DVD-4 A Sorcerer’s Pledge 10:196:09

Bass – Leif Edling
Drums – Jan Lindh (tracks: CD-4 to CD-14), Mats Ekström (tracks: CD-1 to CD-3)
Guitar – Mappe Björkman
Guitar [Solo] – Klas Bergvall (tracks: CD-1 to CD-3), Lars Johansson (tracks: CD-4 to CD-14)
Vocals – Johan Langquist (tracks: CD-1 to CD-3), Messiah Marcolin (tracks: CD-4 to CD-14)

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