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BRIAN HOWE – “Circus Bar”

RivaSound » BRIAN HOWE – “Circus Bar”

W.E.T. cover proposals 22.04.09

BRIAN HOWE – “Circus Bar”

25.00лв. 18.00лв.

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Описание на продукта:

I’m Back;
Life’s Mystery;
There’s This Girl;
Could Have Been You;
Surrounded; Flying;
How It Could Have Been;
My Town;
How ‘Bout That;
Feels Like I’m Coming Home;
If You Want Trouble;
Holy Water;
Little George Street

BRIAN HOWE(ex- Bad Company) – all vocals
Guitars: Brooks Paschal, Dean Aicher, James Paul Wisner, Tyson Shipman and Pat Travers. 
Bass guitars: Brooks Paschal, Miguel Gonzalez and Wayne Nelson.
Drums: Matt Brown.
Piano/strings: Luke Davids 

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