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Various ‎– „Gifted: Women Of The World“

RivaSound » Various ‎– „Gifted: Women Of The World“


Various ‎– „Gifted: Women Of The World“


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Song To The Siren – Sheila Chandra
Cardo O Ceniza – Susana Baca
Mamavatu -Susheela Raman
The Bodies And The Knives – Eleftheria Arvanitaki
Baro – Assitan Mama Keita
Mani – Yungchen Lhamo
Ever So Lonely / Eyes / Ocean (Remix) – Sheila Chandra
Sappho – Eleftheria Arvanitaki
Las Muchachas – Susana Baca
Incantation – Yungchen Lhamo
Los Pastores – Estrella Morente
Sri Jagadamba – Shruti Sadolikar

This album brings together nine extraordinary women singers from around the globe to celebrate and explore the themes of woman’s experience – from the contemporary day-to-day to that of the all-powerful goddess. From different cultures, in different languages and with their own individual spirituality and sensuality, these singers have each created a unique and beautiful statement.
From a meeting of minds between Real World Records and Noa, the gifted fragrance from Cacharel, ‘Gifted’ by Women of the World was born.

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