SEVENTH WONDER – “Welcome To Atlanta Live 2014” (2DVD)

30.00 лв.


DVD 1: Mercy Falls Live
1. A New Beginning
2. There and Back (overture)
3. Welcome to Mercy Falls
4. Unbreakable
5. Tears for a Father
6. A Day Away
7. Tears for a Son
8. Paradise
9. Fall in Line
10. Break the Silence
11. Hide and Seek
12. Destiny Calls, One Last Goodbye
13. Back In Time
14. The Black Parade
Inner Enemy.
DVD 2: Bonus Tracks
1. Taint the Sky
2. Banish the Wicked
3. Alley Cat
4. Walking Tall
5. The Edge of My Blade
6. King of Whitewater
7. Seventh Wonder Odyssey

Seventh Wonder was formed in 2000 by bass player Andreas Blomqvist, guitarist Johan Liefvendahl and drummer Johnny Sandin after their previous band fell apart. The music turned towards the progressive side of Metal and as the band was joined by keyboard player Andreas “Kyrt” Söderin in late 2000, the new sound was cemented further.2007 was spent playing live all over Europe, including sharing stage with great bands as Queensryche, Testament, Redemption and many others in England, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. A sequel to ‘Waiting In The Wings’ was also written during 2007 and the band hit the studio in May 2008 to record the third full-length album entitled “Mercy Falls”, which was supported with live shows in several European countries such as Italy, Norway, Finland and Holland.
In 2010 the band released their latest album, “The Great Escape”. The band appeared live in the USA and Europe at the ProgPower Festival. One last change in the line-up saw Johnny Sandin leave, to be substituted by Stefan Norgren (ex: Lion´s Share).
The band is now currently working on their fifth album. In the meantime Seventh Wonder release their first live product ever with a full rendition of their masterpiece album “Mercy Falls” and a selection of their most popular material. The show was recorded live at ProgPower USA on September 12-13, 2014. As a special bonus there are 2 unreleased studio tracks: one is “Inner Enemy” which already made waves on Youtube and another new studio track “The Promise,” a great appetizer for the new release planned for early 2017!

Tommy Karevik – Vocals
Andreas Blomqvist – Bass
Johan Liefvendahl – Guitar
Andreas Söderin – Keys
Stefan Norgren – Drums