Seventh Wonder – „Waiting In The Wings“

26.00 лв.



1 Star Of David 5:13
2 Taint The Sky 6:24
3 Waiting In The Wings 9:18
4 Banish The Wicked 5:36
5 Not An Angel 6:44
6 Devil’s Inc 7:14
7 Walking Tall 4:20
8 The Edge Of My Blade 6:32
9 Pieces 4:27

‘Waiting In The Wings’ was recorded in 2006 and mixed and mastered by legendary Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, TNT etc.). This album was a huge leap forward in terms of song complexity and maturity and received outstanding reviews and fan accolades, establishing Seventh Wonder as a force to be reckoned with in the progressive metal world. 2007 was spent playing live in support of the album, including sharing the stage with legendary bands such as Queensrÿche, Testament, Redemption, and many others in England, Holland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.