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1 Day By Day 3:54
2 Like Him 5:30
3 The Damned 4:32
4 Temple In The Storm 6:17
5 Blinding My Eyes 3:50
6 The Secret 4:15
7 What I’ve Become 8:41
8 In The Blink Of An Eye 7:37
Unlisted Track
9 Day By Day (Acoustic) 6:24

Seventh Wonder was formed in 2000 by bassist Andreas Blomqvist, guitarist Johan Liefvendahl, and drummer Johnny Sandin after their previous band fell apart. The music they were writing and playing quickly turned towards progressive metal. When keyboardist Andreas “Kyrt” Söderin joined in late 2000, their new sonic explorations were only cemented further. Two demos were recorded (2001 & 2003) and the latter caught the attention of the finnish label Lion Music, who signed the band in 2004. That collaboration spawned the first Seventh Wonder album, ‘Become’, which was released in June 2005. “Become” was well received by progressive metal fans and media alike; however, the band and singer Andi Kravljaca decided to part ways shortly after the recording process ended. Enter the brilliant Tommy Karevik (Kamelot, ex-Vindictiv), who joined the band in 2005, actually prior to the official release of “Become”.