SEVEN SPIRES – „A fortress Called Home“

26.00 лв.



1 A Fortress Called Home

2 Songs Upon Wine-Stained Tongues

3 Almosttown

4 Impossible Tower

5 Love’s Souvenir

6 Architect Of Creation

7 Portrait Of Us

8 Emerald Necklace

9 Where Sorrows Bear My Name

10 No Place For Us

11 House Of Lies

12 The Old Hurt Of Being Left Behind

Seven Spires released their fourth studio album, titled “A Fortress Called Home”, on June 21st, 2024, via Frontiers Music srl. The highly anticipated follow-up to “Gods of Debauchery” (2021) takes their signature blend of symphonic, power and extreme metal to new heights, and drags the listener to the deepest abysses in the process. “A Fortress Called Home” was produced, mixed, and mastered by guitarist Jack Kosto. Frontwoman Adrienne Cowan comments: “I visited the void twice while writing this album. I don’t know which begat the other. It’s ugly. I love it and I hate it, and I think it’s our best work yet.” “A Fortress Called Home” features former drummer Chris Dovas’ final musical performance with Seven Spires.