Primal Fear – “Live In The USA” (CD+DVD)

35.00 лв.


CD-1 Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead 1:27
CD-2 Under The Radar 4:54
CD-3 Battalions Of Hate 3:48
CD-4 Killbound 4:43
CD-5 Nuclear Fire 4:18
CD-6 Six Times Dead (16.6) 4:58
CD-7 Angel In Black 4:29
CD-8 Sign Of Fear 4:34
Fighting The Darkness (8:44)
CD-9a. Fighting The Darkness
CD-9b. The Darkness
CD-9c. Reprise
CD-10 Riding The Eagle 5:29
CD-11 Final Embrace 6:34
CD-12 Metal Is Forever 5:52
CD-13 Hands Of Time 4:41
CD-14 Chainbreaker 5:41
DVD Chapter 1
DVD-1 Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
DVD-2 Under The Radar
DVD-3 Battalions Of Hate
DVD-4 Killbound
DVD-5 Nuclear Fire
DVD-6 Six Times Dead (16.6)
DVD-7 Angel In Black
DVD-8 Guitars From Hell
DVD-9 Sign Of Fear
Fighting The Darkness:
DVD-10a. Fighting The Darkness
DVD-10b. The Darkness
DVD-10c. Reprise
DVD-11 Riding The Eagle
DVD-12 Final Embrace
DVD-13 Primal Fear
DVD-14 Metal Is Forever
DVD-15 Hands Of Time
DVD-16 Seven Seals
DVD-17 Chainbreaker
DVD Chapter 2
DVD-18 Videoclips:
Sign Of Fear,
Fighting The Darkness,
Six Times Dead (16.6),
Metal Is Forever
DVD Chapter 3
DVD-19 The Making Of 16.6 – Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
DVD Chapter 4
DVD-20 Bootleg Section. Episodes & Scenes From Festivals & Tours In Asia, South America, North America, Europe And More!
DVD Chapter 5
DVD-21 Famous Last Words

Bass, Vocals – Mat Sinner
Drums – Randy Black
Guitar – Alex Beyrodt
Guitar – Vocals – Henny Wolter
Vocals – Ralf Scheepers