Petar Koychev Trio – “Notes For Django (Копие)

10.00 лв.




1. Sweet Yoni’s Town 3:53

2. Hot Strings 4U 4:23

3. Mayna Swing 3:34

4. Where You’ve Gone 4:17

5. My House Blues 3:31

6. Pied Troubles 4:39

7. Tangology 3:49

8. A Brunette Coquette 4:03

9. Tramp Bossa 4:32

•  My musical compositions are inspired and dedicated to one
    of the most brilliant guitarists of all time Django Reinhardt.
    Reinhardt’s most popular compositions became standards in
    gypsy jazz including “Minor Swing”, “Djangology”, “Swing ’42”,
    “Belleville” and “Nuages”.
•   The guitarist Frank Vignola claims that nearly every major
    jazz guitarist in the world has been influenced by Reinhardt.
    I would like to add – anyone who likes gypsy jazz.
•  “Django, even when he is not among the living, remains as
    he was in his lifetime – a locomotive and main character of gypsy
    jazz… in fact, he is an alien!!!” – characterizes the guitarist
    Stocello Rosenberg.
•  Guitarist Mike Peters notes that “the word ‘genius’ is overused. But in
    jazz, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Reinhardt are geniuses.”
•  Grismann adds: “I don’t think anyone since has come close to
    Django Reinhardt as an improviser or a technician.”
•  Numerous musicians have written and recorded songs in Reinhardt’s
    honour. The jazz standard Django (1954) was written by John Lewis
    of the Modern Jazz Quartet in honour of Reinhardt.
•   The Allman Brothers Band song “Jessica” was written
    by Dickie Betts in honour of Reinhardt.
•   American artists Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard name their
    sixth and final joint studio album Django and Jimmy.
    The album contains the song “Django and Jimmie”, which is a
    tribute to musicians Django Reinhardt and Jimmie Rogers.
•   I would like you to listen to the music and remember Django and
    gypsy jazz, through the sound of the guitar, accordion and double bass.
    I hope you like this sound! Happy listening!
Petar Koychev