PALACE – “Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio”

25.00 лв.


1. Rock And Roll Radio
2. Castaway
3. Way Up Here
4. Cold Ones
5. Eleonora
6. Hot Steel
7. My Gray Cloud
8. Origin Of Love
9. She’s So Original
10. Strictly By The Rules
11. When It’s Over
12. Fight

Palace, the brainchild of Swedish vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Michael Palace, return on December 4, 2020 with the excellent new melodic rock album “Rock And Roll Radio”. Heavily influenced by the imagery and sounds of the ‘80s, Palace delivers a massive AOR-Melodic Rock sound like you’ve never heard before. Swirling keys, layers of guitars, and fast moving ‘80s themed melodic rock is what is on offer on Palace’s third album “Rock And Roll Radio”.
Despite his young age, Michael Palace has accumulated a wealth of experience playing live and recording in the studio with several different acts, including ADRENALINE RUSH, REACH, ERIKA, HOUSTON, FIND ME, GUTTERDÄMERUNG, BIG TIME, and MILJENKO MATIJEVIC, just to name a few. Michael Palace first began collaborating with Frontiers as a songwriter and guitarist for First Signal, which of course features legendary Harem Scarem vocalist Harry Hess, Cry of Dawn featuring Goran Edman, Kryptonite featuring The Poodles vocalist Jakob Samuel, and Pride Of Lions vocalist Toby Hitchcock. These successful (and musically delightful) collaborations led to a worldwide record deal with Frontiers where Michael could deliver songs in his own vision without other musicians in mind.
Fans of Palace’s previous two releases, “Master Of The Universe” and “Binary Music” will have no shortage of joy upon hearing the band’s latest entry into Michael Palace’s impressive and growing catalog.