Moby – “18 DVD + B Sides”

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Moby’s TV Show: Includes Exclusive And Personal Video Footage Plus The Following Promo Videos:
DVD-1a We Are All Made Of Stars
DVD-1b In This World
DVD-1c Jam For The Ladies
DVD-1d Extreme Ways
DVD-1e Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)
Live At Glastonbury (29.06.03)
DVD-2a 18
DVD-2b Natural Blues
DVD-2c Go
DVD-2d Porcelain
DVD-2e Another Woman
DVD-2f Find My Baby
DVD-2g In This World
DVD-2h In My Heart
DVD-2i Bring Back My Happiness
DVD-2j We Are All Made Of Stars
DVD-2k Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
DVD-2l Jam For The Ladies
DVD-2m I Wanna Be Your Dog
DVD-2n Bodyrock
DVD-2o Honey
DVD-2p Feeling So Real
DVD-2q Creep
Outtakes & Bonus Songs (Audio Only)
DVD-3a Song We Made Together In 30 Minutes
DVD-3b Great Escape (Original Demo)
DVD-3c We Are All Made Of Stars (Original Slow Version)
DVD-3d E2D (Outtake From Play)
DVD-3e Guitar And Flute (Original Demo)
DVD-3f 18 (Original Demo)
DVD-3g Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Original Demo)
DVD-3h We Are All Made Of Stars (Slow Synth Mix)
DVD-3i KR (Outtake From Play)
DVD-3j Flatlands (B-Side Outtake From 18)
DVD-3k I Love To Watch You Sing (B-Side Outtake From 18)
DVD-3l American Dry (B-Side Outtake From 18)
DVD-3m Cunning (B-Side Outtake From 18)
DVD-3n Waiting (Outtake From 18)
DVD-3o 641 (B-Side Outtake From 18)
DVD-3p Extreme Ways Live (Rough Bootleg Mix)
DVD-3q Say My Name (Recorded In My Bathroom With One Mic)
DVD-3r So Far Gone (Outtake From 18)
DVD-3s Tower (B-Side Outtake From 18)
DVD-3t Girl Bed (B-Side Outtake From 18)
DVD-3u Offland
Megamix (Audio Only)
DVD-4a In This World (Push Vocal Club Mix)
DVD-4b Extreme Ways (DJ Tiësto’s Instrumental Remix)
DVD-4c Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) (West London Deep Club Mix)
DVD-4d In This World (Slacker’s Rain Before Carnival Mix)
DVD-4e We Are All Made Of Stars (DJ Tiësto’s Full Vocal Remix)
DVD-4f In My Heart (Ferry Corsten Remix)
DVD-4g Jam For The Ladies (Nevins Reggae Dub Banger)
DVD-4h Extreme Ways (John Creamer + Stephane K Remix)
DVD-4i In This World (ATFC’s Southern Fried Vocal)
DVD-4j We Are All Made Of Stars (Timo Maas Dub Mix)
DVD-4k Jam For The Ladies (Voodoo Child Remix)
DVD-4l In My Heart (Sean Tyas Misses Twilo Mix)
Bonus CD – 18 B Sides
CD-1 Landing 3:42
CD-2 Love Of Strings 6:10
CD-3 Nearer 4:19
CD-4 Afterlife 3:55
CD-5 String Electro 6:56
CD-6 Downhill 5:19
CD-7 Soul To Love 4:27
CD-8 Bed 4:16
CD-9 Piano & Strings 5:17
CD-10 Horse & Carrot 6:53
CD-11 Life’s So Sweet 6:32
CD-12 ISS 8:43
CD-13 Stay 3:10