Lipz – “Changing The Melody”

26.00 лв.




  1. I’m Going Under
  2. Changing The Melody
  3. Bang Bang
  4. Stop Talking About Nothing
  5. Bye Bye Beautiful
  6. I’m Alive
  7. Freakm
  8. Secret Lover
  9. I Would Die For You


This exciting development comes as a result of the band’s collaboration with Frontiers Records, a partnership that promises to redefine the landscape of glam rock.
The stage is set for LIPZ to captivate audiences worldwide with their unique blend of glam rock infused with a contemporary edge. “Changing The Melody” is poised to be a sonic journey that showcases the band’s evolution and artistic growth. With the backing of Frontiers Records, LIPZ is geared up to unleash a wave of infectious melodies and spellbinding performances, setting a new benchmark in the glam rock genre. The visionary Klintberg brothers, Alexander (vocals, guitar) and Koffe (drums), along with guitarist Conny Svärd, have steered the LIPZ saga into an exhilarating new chapter. Originating in 2011, the band’s journey took a transformative turn when Alexander assumed the role of frontman, paving the way for their distinctive sound. LIPZ’s musical journey began with the release of their debut single, “Ghost Town,” in September 2012, followed by the EP “Psycho” three years later. The quest for a stable bass player added a unique twist, leading to a three-year adventure to complete their debut album. Undeterred by challenges, Alexander took on bass duties, exemplifying the band’s unwavering dedication to their craft. As the world eagerly anticipates the musical revelati “Changing The Melody,”  promises to be a sonic voyage encapsulating the spirit of glam rock with a contemporary twist. With the powerhouse support of their new label, LIPZ is poised to unleash a wave of infectious melodies and captivating performances, setting a new standard in the glam rock genre. As the world awaits this musical revelation, LIPZ stands ready to shape a new era of glam rock on the global stage