LAVILLE – „The Wanderer“

25.00 лв.



1. Easy
2. Blood & Bone
3. Giants
4. Thirty One
5. This City
6. The Truth
7. The Answer
8. Love Shine
9. What You Won’t Do For Love
10. Wavy Love

North London rising soul sensation and Acid Jazz Records signee Laville releases his debut album The Wanderer. Fascinated by cinema and poetry, Laville’s lyrics have this narrative thrust that digs a little deeper than most. Citing the work of auteurs like Tarantino and Scorsese as a major influence, it’s intertwined with his own life, his own experiences.Easy is a reflection on his gritty North London roots, and how that gave him his appetite to seek out something more than the everyday, while soulful standout The Answer is about toxic relationships, where it becomes like “a drug – you know you shouldn’t but you do, and it feels good.” Indeed love – or passion, or commitment – is a recurring theme on the album, with Laville moving from the super-smooth Love Shine to the curiously infectious Wavy Love, amongst others.
The Wanderer is driven by a certain spirit – it’s almost as if after waiting so long Laville refuses to let this chance pass him by, bringing his intense sense of focus to the fore. A bold voice that adds something distinctly new to the tapestry of soul, Laville’s talent is too strong to remain a secret forever – it’s time for The Wanderer to come home.