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Side A:
1. Hang Up and Drive
2. Sinner Street
3. Jump for Jerry
4. Blues ‘Fore Dawn
5. Rude Mood
Side B:
1. Apache
2. All About My Girl
3. Last Night
4. Burford’s Bop
5. The Stumble

Electric blues fans flock to Jimmy Thackery to hear his fiery guitar, and tolerate his serviceable but far from thrilling gruff vocals. So, the compilers of this Blind Pig-era (six albums from 1992-2000) collection wisely stuck with all instrumental cuts. While that doesn’t adequately summarize his career during this time, it sure makes for a dazzling disc displaying Thackery’s sizzling six-string prowess. Although it is compiled predominately of previously released material, and these tunes are certainly among his best, by avoiding the „Greatest Hits“ tag Blind Pig makes it easy to zero in on Thackery’s most incendiary guitar showcases. Using his stripped down Drivers backing band generally comprised only of bass and drums, allows the guitarist plenty of room to strut his no-nonsense rockin’ blues. From the speedy „Hang Up & Drive,“ to the Dick Dale-styled surf-twang of „Apache,“ there is no doubt that Thackery is a wildly talented player who effortlessly turns up the heat on his fretboard shenanigans. Whether shuffling around „All About My Girl“ or swinging into the jump blues of „Jump for Jerry“ (with Jimmy Carpenter’s scorching tenor sax), or bopping through „Burford’s Bop,“ Thackery shows he’s no one-trick pony by fluently switching musical gears as easily as he slides down the neck of his instrument. Slow blues lovers will slobber over his tasty work on „Blues ‘Fore Dawn“.