ISSA – „Another World“

26.00 лв.


1 Armed & Dangerous
2 All These Wild Nights
3 Only In The Dark
4 Never Sleep Alone
5 The Road To Victory
6 Another World
7 Kick Of Fire
8 Got A Hold On Me
9 A Second Life
10 The Hardest Fight
11 Lost & Lonely

AOR sensation Issa, AKA Isabell Øversveen, released her latest album, ‘Another World’, on June 7th. This new record marks the next exciting chapter in ISSA’s musical voyage. Issa has etched her name as a leading force in the genre, captivating audiences worldwide with her commanding vocals and enthralling melodies. With a remarkable track record of eight albums released under the prestigious Frontiers Music, ISSA consistently delivers music that strikes a chord with fans of melodic rock and AOR. In discussing her latest musical endeavour, Issa commented: “The new album is my favourite yet, everything was recorded and written in house by Tom and James Martin. We went for a straight up 80s inspired AOR album with a few hard rockers in for good measure, think prime Bon Jovi, Richard Marx and Heart, with even a bit of synthwave in the production. Tom and James really capture the spirit of the 80s and prime melodic Rock. We were lucky to have some great guest musicians get involved, Melvin Brannon Jr, Dennis Butabi Borg, Pete Newdeck, josh Tabbie Williams Leon Winteringham, Phil o’ Dea, and Robert Sall to name just a few amazing players.”
“Another World” follows the global triumph of her seventh studio album, „Lights Of Japan” where ISSA heralded a ‘rebirth’ of her sound, seamlessly blending influences from her roots with the evolving musical landscape. Once again, the new album showcases ISSA’s versatility and artistic growth. Renowned for her powerhouse vocals, soaring melodies, and infectious hooks, ISSA remains steadfast in her commitment to delivering melodic rock brilliance. With each release, ISSA’s musical evolution continues to captivate audiences, with „Another World“ promising to be yet another jewel in her illustrious career.


Band Members:
Issa: Vocals
James Martin: Synths and BVs
Tom Martin: Guitars and Bass and BVs
Leon Robert Winteringham: Guitars and BVs