Heart – “Fanatic Live From Caesars Colosseum”

29.00 лв.



Disc: 1
CD-1 Fanatic 5:16
CD-2 Heartless 5:19
CD-3 What About Love 4:32
CD-4 Mashallah! 4:20
CD-5 Even It Up 4:32
CD-6 59 Crunch 3:18
CD-7 Straight On 5:57
CD-8 Dog And Butterfly 5:28
CD-9 Walking Good 4:23
CD-10 These Dreams 4:46
CD-11 Alone 4:22
CD-12 Dear Old America 4:11
CD-13 Crazy On You 5:22
CD-14 Barracuda 5:46
Disc: 2
DVD-1 Fanatic
DVD-2 Heartless
DVD-3 What About Love
DVD-4 Mashallah!
DVD-5 Even It Up
DVD-6 59 Crunch
DVD-7 Straight On
DVD-8 Dog And Butterfly
DVD-9 Walking Good
DVD-10 These Dreams
DVD-11 Alone
DVD-12 Dear Old America
DVD-13 Crazy On You
DVD-14 Barracuda
DVD-15 Magic Man (Bonus Track)