19.99 лв.



1. Tanau
2. Cân y cŵn
3. Cwlwm
4. Ffair
5. Dig me a hole
6. Bratach Shi
7. Far ago
8. Y Gnawas
9. Caerdyni
10. What’s a girl to do?
11. Os na wela’I d
12. Dan dy draed
13. Trafaeliais / Kidé-magni

One of Wales’ most intriguing and talented artists, with a passion for language, who applies her delicate craft and exquisite gift to this compelling new album. Tro (Welsh for ‘turn’) is writer, poet and musician Gwyneth Glyn’s first major solo album. Elegant and deliciously emotional, dark and poignant, the songs are united by a consistent quality and beautiful, poetic lyrics rooted in Gwyneth’s language and culture.