GRAND – Second To None”

26.00 лв.



  1. Against the Winds
  2. Changing My Mind
  3. Fall on My Knees
  4. Can’t End It Right Now
  5. Lost in Damnation
  6. Will I See You Again
  7. Show Me Your Light
  8. Save All That Remains
  9. Been Said and Done
  10. Diving Wings
  11. No Turning Back

GRAND, hailing from Sweden, carries on the tradition of exceptional AOR bands. Their debut self-titled album, released in the fall of 2022, made an explosive entrance into the genre’s fan base. Comprising three talented members, GRAND boasts the exceptional vocal prowess of Mattias Olofsson, whose high-pitched vocals align perfectly with the genre’s requirements. The trio also includes guitarist Jakob Svensson, formerly of Wigelius, who also handles bass and keyboards, and the versatile Anton Martinez Matz, who takes on both drums and bass duties. Drawing inspiration from their favorite bands such as Starship, Foreigner, Toto, Mr. Big, and Giant, GRAND’s debut album struck a chord with fans of classic Scandi-AOR, particularly those who admire the vocal stylings of Lars Safsund, as Mattias Olofsson possesses similar vocal abilities. With a stunning production quality and an infusion of keyboard layers that amplify their power and melodic appeal, GRAND is poised to capture the hearts of melodic rock fans worldwide. Their latest album, “Second To None,” picks up where the debut left off, enriching their sound with added substance, sophistication, and intriguing elements. Notable highlights include the duet between Olofsson and Nina Söderquist on “Kryptonite” and the enchanting saxophone interludes by special guest Kristian Brink.

Band members:

Mattias Olofsson

Jakob Svensson

Anton Martinez Matz