BRAZEN ABBOT – „Live at Berkrock“ (DVD)

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1. Intro
2. My Resurrection
3. Death Alley Driver
4. Line Of Fire
5. Bad Religion
6. Stormbringer
7. Restless In Seattle
8. Keyboard Solo
9. Can’t Let You Go
10. Twist Of Fate
11. The Road To Hell
12. Highway Star
13. I’ll Be Free
14. Drum & Bass Solo
15. I Surrender
16. More Than Money
17. Mr. Earthman
18. Spotlight Kid
19. Black Night
20. Smoke On The Water
21. Burn

Vocals – Joe Lynn Turner
Guitar – Nikolo Kotzev
Organ – Nelko Kolarov
Bass – Wayne Banks
Drums – Dave Knight

In 2007 BRAZEN ABBOT headlines the BERKROCK FESTIVAL in Bulgaria in from of over 7000 eager fans. The entire two-hour set was captured on film and is finally seeing the light of day as BRAZEN ABBOT – LIVE AT BERKROCK. As stated on the back cover of the DVD, Nikolo Kotzev wanted to make sure this show was released without any unnecessary studio overdubs, and be as raw and real as possible. This fact is a refreshing change of pace compared to most live music dvd’s these days have so many edits and overdubs that it’s barely even live anymore. The sound hasn’t been tampered with at all as far as I can tell, and you can hear it during the first song and a half while the sound crew are still adjusting the levels. This makes for very enjoyable viewing as there are no distractions that take you away from feeling as tough you’re there.
Guitar Virtuoso and overall musical legend Nikolo Kotzev has never been shy of admitting how much he likes and respects fellow axe master Ritchie Blackmore, and the set list of this show really reinstates that fact with five DEEP PURPLE tracks and two RAINBOW tracks featured in the set list.
As most BRAZEN ABBOT fans would already know, the band features a plethora of today’s hottest melodic rock vocalists, but for this gig JOE LYNN TURNER fronts the band the entire time, which is a great thing for me personally as JLT is one of my all-time favorite vocalists and definitely my favorite B.A frontman.
When the band kicks in with “MY RESSURECTION” it is clear that they are ready to rock, and from there they roll straight into RAINBOW classic “DEATH ALLEY DRIVER”. Both of the band’s highlight ballads are on offer here to with “RESTLESS IN SEATTLE” and a very moving rendition “I’LL BE FREE” which begins with JLT and KOTZEV on acoustic guitars before ending with a very haunting electric solo that will send shivers down your spine. The set ends with a three track barrage of DEEP PURPLE classics in BLACK NIGHT, ” SMOKE ON THE WATER” and an awesome version of “BURN”, which is one of the most important and everlasting hard rock tracks ever written.
If you’re a BRAZEN ABBOT fan this is easily the best money you’ll spend all year, but I can also highly recommend this DVD to any and all hard rock fans across the globe. Also an essential purchase for JLT fans like myself that are frustrated with the lack of JLT material available on the DVD format.