Def Leppard – “Viva! Hysteria – Live At The Joint, Las Vegas”

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DVD-1 Women
DVD-2 Rocket
DVD-3 Animal
DVD-4 Love Bites
DVD-5 Pour Some Sugar On Me
DVD-6 Armageddon It
DVD-7 Gods Of War
DVD-8 Don’t Shoot Shotgun
DVD-9 Run Riot
DVD-10 Hysteria
DVD-11 Excitable
DVD-12 Love And Affection
DVD-13 Rock Of Ages
DVD-14 Photograph
Ded Flatbird Night 1
DVD-15.0 Intro
DVD-15.1 Good Morning Freedom
DVD-15.2 Wasted
DVD-15.3 Stagefright
DVD-15.4 Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)
DVD-15.5 Action
DVD-15.6 Rock Brigade
DVD-15.7 Undefeated
DVD-15.8 Promises
Ded Flatbird Night 2
DVD-16.0 Intro
DVD-16.1 On Through The Night
DVD-16.2 Slang
DVD-16.3 Let It Go
DVD-16.4 Another Hit And Run
DVD-16.5 High ‘N’ Dry (Saturday Night)
DVD-16.6 Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
DVD-16.7 Switch 625
Acoustic Set
DVD-17.1 Where Does Love Go When It Dies
DVD-17.2 Now
DVD-17.3 When Love And Hate Collide
DVD-17.4 Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
DVD-17.5 Two Steps Behind
DVD-18 Photo Montage 2:01

CD1-1 Women 6:11
CD1-2 Rocket 6:09
CD1-3 Animal 4:07
CD1-4 Love Bites 6:08
CD1-5 Pour Some Sugar On Me 6:13
CD1-6 Armageddon It 4:32
CD1-7 Gods Of War
CD1-8 Don’t Shoot Shotgun 7:14
CD1-9 Run Riot 4:33
CD1-10 Hysteria 4:48
CD1-11 Excitable 5:59
CD1-12 Love And Affection 4:37
CD1-13 Rock Of Ages 6:17
CD1-14 Photograph 4:15
CD2-1 Good Morning Freedom 3:36
CD2-2 Wasted 3:44
CD2-3 Stagefright 3:41
CD2-4 Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes) 4:56
CD2-5 Action 4:13
CD2-6 Rock Brigade 3:31
CD2-7 Undefeated 5:25
CD2-8 Promises 4:11
CD2-9 On Through The Night 5:11
CD2-10 Slang 2:37
CD2-11 Let It Go 6:08
CD2-12 Another Hit And Run 5:14
CD2-13 High ‘N’ Dry (Saturday Night) 3:44
CD2-14 Bringin’ On The Heartbreak 4:43
CD2-15 Switch 625 5:08