DEAD CAN DANCE – “Dionysus” (Deluxe Edition)

130.00 лв.



Act I
A.I Sea Borne
A.II Liberator Of Minds
A.III Dance Of The Bacchantes
Act II
B.I The Mountain
B.II The Invocation
B.III The Forest
B.IV Psychopomp
Act I
CD-1.I Sea Borne
CD-1.II Liberator Of Minds
CD-1.III Dance Of The Bacchantes
Act II
CD-2.I The Mountain
CD-2.II The Invocation
CD-2.III The Forest
CD-2.IV Psychopomp
Released as deluxe 16-page 12” x 12” hardback picture book with padded cover.
Heavyweight purple 12” vinyl, includes the album on CD.