Circus Maximus – “Havoc In Oslo” (Deluxe Edition)

29.00 лв.


CD1-1 Forging
CD1-2 Namaste
CD1-3 The One
CD1-4 The Weight
CD1-5 Highest Bitter
CD1-6 Architect Of Fortune
CD1-7 Arrival Of Love
CD1-8 Loved Ones
CD1-9 Sin
CD2-1 Havoc
CD2-2 Pages
CD2-3 Abyss
CD2-4 I Am
CD2-5 Chivalry
CD2-6 Game Of Life
DVD-1 Forging
DVD-2 Namaste
DVD-3 The One
DVD-4 The Weight
DVD-5 Highest Bitter
DVD-6 Architect Of Fortune
DVD-7 Arrival Of Love
DVD-8 Loved Ones
DVD-9 Sin
DVD-10 Havoc
DVD-11 Pages
DVD-12 Abyss
DVD-13 I Am
DVD-14 Chivalry
DVD-15 Game Of Life
DVD-16 Road To Rockfeller
DVD-17 Making Of “Remember”
DVD-18 Music Video “Remember”