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CD-1 Cut The Ties
CD-2 Don’t Let Go
CD-3 Together We Are
CD-4 Information Overload
CD-5 Trust In Something
CD-6 Keeper Of The Flame
CD-7 Life Going By
CD-8 Look Inside
CD-9 Brotherhood Of Man
Bonus Live DVD
DVD-1 Cut The Ties
DVD-2 Don’t Let Go
DVD-3 Together We Are
DVD-4 Information Overload
DVD-5 Trust In Something
DVD-6 Keeper Of The Flame
DVD-7 Life Going By
DVD-8 Look Inside
DVD-9 Brotherhood Of Man
DVD-10 „Chronological Journey“ A Musical Journey Through 3 Decades Of Yes
DVD-11 Behind The Scenes Footage

Bass Guitar, Vocals – Billy Sherwood
Drums, Vocals – Alan White
Guitar, Vocals – Jimmy Haun
Keyboards – Tony Kaye