Beethoven – “Diabelli Variationen” / Paul Lewis

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33 Variations On A Waltz By Diabelli, Op. 120 (52:46)
1 Theme And Variation 1: Vivace Alla Marcia Maestoso
2 Poco Allegro
3 L’istesso Tempo
4 Un Poco Piu Vivace
5 Allegro Vivace
6 Allegro Ma Non Troppo E Serioso
7 Un Poco Piu Allegro
8 Poco Vivace
9 Allegro Pesante E Risoluto
10 Presto
11 Allegretto
12 Un Poco Piu Moto
13 Vivace
14 Grave E Maestoso
15 Presto Scherzando
16 Allegro
17 Allegro
18 Poco Moderato
19 Presto
20 Andante
21 Allegro Con Brio/Meno Allegro/Tempo Primo
22 Allegro Molto, Alla ‘Notte E Giorno Faticar’ Di Mozart
23 Allegro Assai
24 Fughetta (Andante)
25 Allegro
26 (Piacevole)
27 Vivace
28 Allegro
29 Adagio Ma Non Troppo
30 Andante, Sempre Cantabile
31 Largo, Molto Espressivo
32 Fuga: Allegro
33 Tempo Di Menuetto Moderato

Piano – Paul Lewis

Published in June 1823 and dedicated to Antonie Brentano, the 33 Variations op.120 were described by Diabelli himself as ‘a great and important masterpiece, worthy to be ranked with the imperishable creations of the old Classics [and to occupy] a place beside Sebastian Bach’s famous masterpieces of the same type’. And indeed, like the Kantor de Leipzig, Beethoven revolutionised the genre – but, paradoxically, by taking it into the unexpected regions of the bagatelle.