B.B. King ‎– „The Blues Anthology“

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CD-1 Got The Blue
CD-2 Mistreated Woma
CD-3 B.B. Boogi
CD-4 The Other Night Blue
CD-5 Walkin’ And Cryin
CD-6 A New Way Of Drivin
CD-7 Please Love M
CD-8 From The Botto
CD-9 Everyday I Have The Blue
CD-10 You Done Lost Your Good Thing No
CD-11 Mr. Pawnbroke
CD-12 My Own Fault, Darlin
CD-13 Catfish Blues (AKA Fishin’ After Me
CD-14 Long Nights (The Feeling They Call The Blues
CD-15 That Evil Chil
CD-16 I Got Some Help (I Don’t Really Need) (AKA Outside Help
CD-17 The Thrill Is Gon
CD-18 Guess Who
DVD-1 Sing Sing Thanksgiving Concert