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 1. Planet – Kitaro
 2. Sleeping Woman – Luis Perez
 3. Search – Rojo 
 4. Spirit Within – Primal Instinct 
 5. Peace Through Kindness – Nawang Khechog
 6. Portal of Hunab-ku – Steven Kindler
 7. Claire De Lune – Debussy
 8. Dawn of a Forest – Shinji
 9. 40800 – Yu-Xiao Guang
10. Lakota – Unu Mondo
11. Rune – Dave Eggar
12. Stream – Kitaro
Welcome music aficionados everywhere to the many flavors and endless colors of Journey to the Heart. This is the first in a series of music intended to heal the Mind, Body & Spirit in these challenging times we face and hope to bring you closer to your peaceful heart.
Soaring melodic flute lines and lush orchestrations begin the journey with Kitaro’s “Planet” from his critically acclaimed Mandala album. Other highlights include Joseph Rojo’s flowing piano composition “Search” from his popular Nocturnal Afternoon release and Primal Instincts’ inspired theme “Spirit Within” from the jungle-driven full-length CD Heart of the Rainforest. Wooden flute and melodic chanting make Nawang Khechog’s “Peace Through Kindness” a unique addition while violinist Stephen Kindler delivers a hauntingly delightful tune from his Paradise Lost work, “Portal of Hanub-ku.”
Hailed as a prodigy with few peers, David Eggar’s mastery of the keyboard shines brightly on the song “Rune” from his debut release, Serenity. With a wide range of cavalcade artists that include Shinji, Yu-Xiao Guang, Unu Mondo, and Debussy, listeners will be taken on a magical trek through a myriad of tonal colors. And finally, this collection closes with Kitaro’s “Stream” from his Grammy Award winning album Thinking of You.

JOURNEY TO THE HEART is the first in a series of videos designed to relax and heal the body, mind, and spirit through stunning visualizations set to the music of new age artists.