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Cosmos ‎– „Skygarden“

RivaSound » Cosmos ‎– „Skygarden“


Cosmos ‎– „Skygarden“


Описание на продукта:

1 Intro
2 In The Dark Of The Night
3 Electronical Rival
4 Then Just Call Me
5 The Final Path
6 Eclipse Of The Sun
7 Internal Voices
8 I Stayed Just Because Of You
9 Tell Me
10 Where Tanks Are Rolling Today
11 Father
12 Moments

Swiss outfit COSMOS can trace it’s roots back to 1990, when Reto Iseli (drums, vocals) formed his first band, at that time called Glacier Eagles. Late in 1993 they decided that Cosmos was a better sounding and describing name for their Pink Floyd influenced musical ventures, and the following year saw them release their debut album The Deciding Moments of Your Life. The album was met with a fairly good reception; and for the next few years Cosmos enjoyed a fair degree of success in their native country with live shows combining their own original material with Pink Floyd covers. However, in 1998 internal tensions saw to it that the band broke up. Come 2003 and a solo project started by Heiko Garrn (bass) and Olivier Maier (guitars) invited Iseli to join them; and with the addition of Silvia Thierstein (vocals) and Daniel Eggenberger (keyboards) it was decided to scrap the solo project, and to revive Cosmos again.

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