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Stramonio – „Time Will Tell“

RivaSound » Stramonio – „Time Will Tell“


Stramonio – „Time Will Tell“

20.00лв. 12.00лв.

Описание на продукта:

1 The World That I’ve Drawn
2 Blame Me!
3 Anyway
4 I Will Believe
5 Universe
6 You
7 Call Me
8 Spring Of Dreams
9 A New Life

Having been around since 1992 (under the name Trilogy Suite), Stramonio have quietly let other Italian bands take the spotlight while they honed their symphonic/progressive metal craft. ‘Time Will Tell’ will show the rest of the world that the band can sit on top of the heap with other members of the Italian sympho-metal family (Labyrinth, Rhapsody, Skylark

Bass – Cris Zanvettor*
Drums – Roberto „Lupin IV“ De Cesero*
Guitar – Nicola Balliana
Keyboards – Luca De Lazzaro
Vocals – Federico De Vescovi

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