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Jimmy Somerville ‎– „Homage“ (Deluxe Edition)

RivaSound » Jimmy Somerville ‎– „Homage“ (Deluxe Edition)


Jimmy Somerville ‎– „Homage“ (Deluxe Edition)


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Описание на продукта:

CD-1 Some Wonder 3:53
CD-2 Strong Enough 4:19
CD-3 Freak 3:36
CD-4 Taken Away 4:39
CD-5 Back To Me 4:44
CD-6 The Core 3:52
CD-7 Travesty 4:24
CD-8 Bright Thing 3:54
CD-9 Lights Are Shining 3:17
CD-10 This Hand 3:30
CD-11 Overload 4:06
CD-12 Learned To Talk 4:35

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