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APOCRYPHA – „Area 54″

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APOCRYPHA – „Area 54″



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The tracklist:
1) Terrors Holding On To You
2) Catch 22
3) A Night In Fog
4) The Power Elite
5) Instrubation #3
6) Area 54
7) Tian’Anmen Square
8) The Detriment Of Man
9) Refuse The Offer That You Can’t Refuse
10) Born To This World
The members:
Tony Fredianelli: Lead Guitars
Steve Plocica: Vocals
Chip Chrovian: Rhythm Guitar
Breck Smith: Bass
Dave Schiller: Drums
The best way to describe „Apocrypha“ would be Judas Priest style with better guitar. They put out three albums under Shrapnel records (who specialize in great guitar albums). ‘Area 54′ is the last release before their break up. The discography goes, 1987 ‘The Forgotten Scroll,’ then ‘The Eyes Of Time’ in 1988, and lastly ‘Area 54′ in 1990. The mastery guitar is compliments of Tony Fredianelli.

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