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VARIOUS ARTISTS „Voices Of Concord Jazz“

RivaSound » VARIOUS ARTISTS „Voices Of Concord Jazz“


VARIOUS ARTISTS „Voices Of Concord Jazz“

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Track Listing:
1. I Changed the Rules – Peter Cincotti/Scott Kreitzer/Barak Mori
2. Sway – Peter Cincotti/Scott Kreitzer/Barak Mori
3. Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Peter Cincotti/Scott Kreitzer/Barak Mori
4. Moanin’ – Danny Embrey/Gregg Field/Karrin Allyson
5. Little Boat – Danny Embrey/Gregg Field/Karrin Allyson
6. Charade – Gregg Field/Monica Mancini/Tom Scott/Dave Samuels
7. A Day in the Life of a Fool- Gregg Field/Monica Mancini/Tom Scott/Dave Samuels
8. Dreamsville – Curtis Stigers/Gregg Field/Monica Mancini/Tom Scott/Dave Samuels

1. Deedles’ Blues – Diane Schuur/Gregg Field
2. Stay Away from Bill – Diane Schuur/Gregg Field/Karrin Allyson
3. Meet Me Midnight – Diane Schuur/Gregg Field
4. Swingin’ Down at 10th and Main – Curtis Stigers/Gregg Field
5. How Could a Man Take Such a Fall – Curtis Stigers/Gregg Field
6. Better Than Anything – Gregg Field/Nnenna Freelon
7. The Lady Sings the Blues- Gregg Field/Nnenna Freelon
8. Out of This World – Gregg Field/Nnenna Freelon
9. You’ll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini) – Gregg Field/Patti Austin
10. Home Blues – Gregg Field/Patti Austin
11. How High the Moon – Gregg Field/Patti Austin/Henry Mancini/Diane Schuur/Stigers/Nnenna Freelon
12. How High the Moon (Encore) – WDR Big Band

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