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Fad Gadget – „The Best Of Fad Gadget“

RivaSound » Fad Gadget – „The Best Of Fad Gadget“


Fad Gadget – „The Best Of Fad Gadget“


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Track listing
Disc one

„Back to Nature“
„The Box“ B-side of „Back to Nature“
„Ricky’s Hand“
„Handshake“ B-side of „Ricky’s Hand“
„Fireside Favourite“
„Insecticide“ B-side of „Fireside Favourite“
„Make Room“
„Lady Shave“ Double A-side with „Make Room“
„Saturday Night Special“
„King of the Flies“
„Life on the Line“
„4M“ B-side of „Life on the Line“
„For Whom the Bells Toll“
„Love Parasite“ B-side of „For Whom the Bells Toll“
„I Discover Love“
„Collapsing New People“
„One Man’s Meat“
„Luxury“ Released as Frank Tovey

Disc two

„Collapsing New People“ (Berlin Mix)
„Fireside Favourite“ (Toasted Crumpet Mix)
„Swallow It“ (Regurgitated)
„Love Parasite 2″
„Luxury“ (Remix)
„For Whom The Bells Toll 3″
„I Discover Love“ (Extended)
„Sleep“ (Electro-induced Original)
„Life on the Line“ (Version 2)
„One Mans Meat“ (Remix)
„Immobilise“ (Foot Binding Trot Mix)
„Collapsing New People“ (London Mix)


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