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Shrapnel Records

Chastain ‎– „Ruler Of The Wasteland“

Tracklist1 Ruler Of The Wasteland2 One Day To Live3 The King Has The Power4 Fighting To St ...


Joey Tafolla ‎– „Out Of The Sun“

Tracklist:1 Eternity's End 5:582 Out Of The Sun 4:213 Zero Hour 2:534 The Summon 6:105 Sta ...


Jason Becker ‎– „Perpetual Burn“

Tracklist:1 Altitudes 5:382 Perpetual Burn 3:323 Mabel's Fatal Fable 4:504 Air 5:305 Templ ...


Various ‎– „Covering Clapton From Cream And Beyond“

Tracklist1 Schenker Pattison Summit - Layla 7:552 Leslie West - Blues Before Sunrise 4:333 ...


John West ‎– „Permanent Mark“

Tracklist:1 Permanent Mark 4:072 Restless Heart 5:413 High Speed Life 4:544 The Burning Ti ...


James Murphy ‎– „Convergence“

Tracklist:1 Since Forgotten2 Convergence3 The Last One4 Vision5 Touching The Earth6 Red Al ...


Richie Kotzen ‎– „Richie Kotzen“

Tracklist1 Squeeze Play 4:382 Strut It 4:103 Unsafe At Any Speed 3:154 Rat Trap 4:315 Cryp ...


Schenker Pattison Summit ‎– „The Endless Jam Continues“

Tracklist:1 Rock Steady2 While My Guitar Gently Weeps3 Too Rolling Stoned4 Layla5 I'm Losi ...


Ron Thal ‎– „The Adventures Of Bumblefoot (And Other Tales Of Woe…)“

Tracklist1 Bumblefoot 3:462 Orf 5:243 Scrapie 3:074 Blue Tongue 3:385 Limberneck 1:166 Q F ...


Marc Ford ‎– „Weary And Wired“

Tracklist1 Featherweight Dreamland2 Don't Come Around3 It'll Be Over Soon4 Dirty Girl5 Th ...


Tony MacAlpine ‎– „Evolution“

Tracklist1 The Sage2 Oversea Evolution3 Eccentrist4 Time Table5 Seville6 Futurism7 Etude ...


Racer X – „Snowball Of Doom (Live At The Whisky)“

Tracklist:1 17th Moon 4:052 Into The Night 3:503 Let The Spirit Fly 4:034 Street Lethal 4 ...


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