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Shrapnel Records

Greg Howe, Victor Wooten, Dennis Chambers ‎– „Extraction“

Tracklist1 Extraction 6:142 Tease 6:073 Crack It Way Open 5:594 Contigo 6:305 Proto Cosmos ...


Racer X ‎– „Extreme Volume Live“

Tracklist1 Loud And Clear2 Dangerous Love3 Bruce's Solo4 Gone Too Far5 John's Solo6 She Wa ...


Tribal Tech ‎– „Thick“

Tracklist:1 Sheik Of Encino 6:502 Party At Kinsey's 3:563 Jalapeño 5:424 Clinic Troll 3:4 ...


CAB ‎– „CAB 2″

Tracklist:1 Decisions 9:122 Madeline 8:293 Dennis 5:144 For Joe 7:115 South Side 7:256 Son ...


Vitaltechtones (Scott Henderson, Steve Smith, Victor Wooten ‎– „VTT2″

Tracklist:1 VTT 1:332 SubZero 7:053 The Litigants 7:074 Puhtainin' Tuh... 5:185 Drums Stop ...


Racer X ‎– „Street Lethal“ (with Paul Gilbert)

Tracklist1 Frenzy2 Street Lethal3 Into The Night4 Blowin' Up The Radio5 Hotter Than Fire6 ...


Dave Liebman, Anthony Jackson, Mike Stern, Tony Marino, Marko Marcinko, Vic Juris ‎– „&#

Tracklist:1 5th Street 7:422 Ife 8:113 Bass Interlude 1:244 Black Satin 5:265 Bela 7:456 D ...


Michael Schenker ‎– „Adventures Of The Imagination“

Tracklist:1 Actung Fertig, Los 4:402 Open Gate 3:33Adventures Part One3 T ...


Michael Schenker ‎- „MS 2000: Dreams And Expressions“

Tracklist:1 D1:352 R2:403 E1:104 A1:225 M1:536 S1:447 A0:378 N3:389 D1:4710 E1:2911 X1:541 ...


Michael Schenker ‎- „Thank You 3″

Tracklist:1 It's All About Love2 Just Do It3 Take Me4 Thank You5 I Learn From You6 It's Tu ...


Keel ‎- „Lay Down The Law“

Tracklist:1 Thunder And Lightning 3:342 Lay Down The Law 3:483 Speed Demon 3:394 Princess ...


Eric Gales Trio ‎– „Ghost Notes“

Tracklist:1 Pickin'N Grinnin'2 Just Funk3 Cast Away4 Grandaddy Blues5 Caution6 A Few More ...


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